The Beta Sessions

by Derek Close

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9-1-1 Sirens wail and scream To the emergency scene Face down in a pool of his own blood The note by the bed was silently read I'm lost alone there is no love Chorus 9-1-1 – How can this be? 9-1-1 – Why can't we see? 9-1-1 – The silent cry Of emergency Should've seen the signs The scars of one who cries No light of hope from a damaged one Are we too busy or just refuse to see The lost soul who's on the run? Chorus Bridge Emergency (4x) Chorus Solo Maybe it's you I hope it ain't true I know the love that you seek I've been down that road I've carried the load Suicide won't set you free Chorus (2x)
Out of Reach Wondering it’s all I can do So I close my eyes Searching to catch a glimpse of you If only I could see Whispering I softly speak your name Did I hear you reply? Waiting on this never ending train Do I take the chance and dream? I watch in silence as my life slowly passes me by I turn my head to hide these tears that flood my eyes Chorus Every night I dream alone I can’t do this on my own I can’t even stand on my own two feet Wish you weren’t so far away I miss you more each passing day Sometimes I feel your breath upon my cheek With outstretched arms you’re still out of reach Faltering along this labyrinth of halls Am I really this blind? Calling out though it’s dampened by the walls Can‘t you hear it’s me? Wandering my heart searches on in vain With only you on my mind Looking through the darkness and the rain Further than my eyes can see I wait in silence as the time tick, ticks away Disappearing lights as darkness hides my way
Violence Domesticated Eye cannot be opened Hair matted with mud Lip impacted by bone Clothes stained in blood Another lonely night cryin in the rain Banished by the ruler: Exiled But she’ll return again Hand swollen beyond use Rib broken in two Breath shallow from the pain Cheek scraped, purple, blue Another lonely night cryin in the cellar Banished by the man: Exiled Next time he won’t just tell her Bridge: Everything inside screams to run and hide Flee the hell and the empty lies But what if he changes? This could be the night We’ll be happy again and it will be all right I promise… Skull shattered and cracked Spine twisted and wracked Blood drained and spilled Heart silent and still
Opposite Extremes One man gropes for life another fights to die Is one extra day of breath more grand than suicide? One man has it all – good fortune, health and fame His brother lives from garbage cans and no one knows his name One man finds his love another lives alone Is there someone out there that he will call his own? One will lose his job and curse his day of birth Another loses all he has and makes it what it’s worth Chorus: One man’s bliss is another man’s bane What used to bring us peace now driving us insane Can’t take it at face value when nothing’s what it seems And people live their lives on both sides of opposite extremes One man smokes a cigarette another fights to breathe He would give anything to be cut from his machine One man pops a pill to flee reality Another dreams of waking up to a day of sanity One plays an instrument with confidence and skill Another longs for power to move his hands at will Can there be truth when one part is a lie? Can one hand carry fire while the other’s holding ice? Chorus - Solo Spoken: Like the pendulum of a clock we swing from left to right We realize that we're out of balance so we jump to the other side Turn off the heat when we're hot and turn it back on when we're cold We chase to extremes of discomfort rather than meeting in the middle. Balance is the key. Balance without compromise. Balance between the extremes Chorus Some aim for perfection while others stumble blind Searching through their troubled life for peace they'll never find Do we long for Heaven while this world slips into Hell? Are we holding tight to the truth we never tell? Chorus
The Pavilion For Tori: A.D. 1999 As I sit here thinking I’m taken back in time I remember what it’s like to hold your hand in mine The smell of your hair and the feel of your heart beat I look in your eyes and know what you're thinking A gentle wind is blowing cherry petals to the ground Friends and family play children run around Wishing were here to share an hour of my day And never have to say goodbye or go our separate ways Chorus: I’m taken away while under the pavilion To a better place, a place that I call home I’m taken away while under the pavilion And I’ll take you with me so we won’t have to walk alone (And we won't walk alone) You lean up against me your head is on my chest I stroke your gorgeous hair kiss your forehead let you rest I feel your gentle breathing as your breath leaves your lips Passion consumes me fleeing from your fingertips Sitting on a shelf leaning up against the wall I smoke another cigarette and watch the ashes fall No one seems to notice as they walk two by two There's a pain in my heart the pain of missing you Chorus Solo So I sit here thinking losing track of the time Knowing that I’m holding your heart in mine I hear you in the wind as my heart starts to sink I close my eyes and I know what you think Leave my shelf behind it’s the end of the day Flick my cigarette aside and slowly walk away No one seems to notice or care what I do There’s a pain in my heart the pain of missing you Chorus 2x & fini
Daddy As a little boy standing at my Daddy's side The only apple of my eye I couldn't wait 'til he came home As a little boy sat and watched as my Mommy cried As my Daddy left and said, “Good Bye.” And walked out through the door. But did he ever wonder As he turned to leave Did he ever wonder What would happen to me As a little boy prayed for my Dad every night Asking God to make it all right And to help me to move on As a little boy stayed with my Dad once a year Soon it had become quite clear He was never coming home Did he ever wonder As I turned to leave Did he ever wonder What would happen to me Chorus: How long 'til we understand that a little boy needs his Daddy at home? How long 'til he comes back home again? How long 'til we understand that a little boy needs his Daddy at home? Sometimes the smallest broken heart takes a lifetime to mend As a teenage boy more like a man every day My Father missing every change Because he wasn't there As a teenage boy didn't see my Dad much at all Wasn't home when he called And you know, I didn't care But did he ever wonder As he went to sleep Did he ever wonder What was happening to me Chorus As a young man received a call late one night There was a voice on the end of the line Asking, “Please forgive me, Son.”
Dreaming In Color Another page is turned light reflects from page to eye Peering through a clouded glass I’m virtually blind Pouring over all the words that I’ve read before A mere glimpse in black and white I wish my view was so much more So now I forge ahead dreaming of color Compelled by a higher call each step brings it closer Like a jigsaw mystery each piece makes it clearer I know there’s so much more than a colorless mirror Life will be richer Dreaming of color I yearn for the rainbow ahead When I sleep will I find rest? Will I find rest? The evening drifts away day is forced through the night Now I lay me down to sleep to the greater depths of rapid eye Lucid visions void of stain collide with one another I'll never understand these pictures without color Quest begins towards far away from a world that’s left behind Realize I’m crossing over that eternal boundary line Images attack my eyes I can only stare with wonder Like a childhood fairy tale: kaleidoscope of color Life tastes much richer Dreaming in color I see the rainbow ahead I’m asleep now I’ve found rest Now I’ve found rest Life tastes richer Dreaming in Color


A fresh mix of instrumentals and music with lyrics The Beta Sessions is an auditory treat!

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released March 4, 2014

Derek Close: Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming
Darren Lyda: Vocals on 9-1-1, Violence Domesticated, Daddy & Dreaming in Color
Draylen Andrew: Vocals on Out of Reach, Opposite Extremes & The Pavilion


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Derek Close Kalispell, Montana

After many, many moons playing in and recording with various bands around the Seattle area, Derek now resides in Northwest Montana. Here he is recording his own music out of his home studio. How's that for fascinating?

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